Advancing dialogue. Cultivating trust.

The American Council for U.S.-Russia Engagement (AmCURE) is a nonpartisan, independently funded grassroots NGO that emerged from a student club at the University of Washington.

Starting out as the Russian-American Youth Association in 2012, the organization evolved into the Russian-American Cooperation Initiative in 2017 and took on its current form as AmCURE in 2022.
Our Mission

Our mission is to help advance dialogue and cultivate trust between the proactive citizens of Russia and the United States, while raising awareness about and searching for solutions to existing bilateral challenges.

We are firmly convinced that cooperation between our great powers serves the long-term interests of our citizens and is fundamentally imperative to solving global security issues and existential risks facing all of humanity.

Our Projects

In working towards our mission, we have developed several educational and cultural projects aimed at bringing Americans and Russians together and bridging the understanding gap between them.

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